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Jacket outline, add your own imagery

Jacket Long Sleeve Kimono 9 inch sew height

$ 10.00

This is an outline of the jacket and pockets, for a wholecloth modified kimono style jacket.  Modified means the sleeves are normal cuff width, so they do not get caught on doorknobs, and by adjusting the width of the sleeve pattern segments, you can have longer or shorter sleeves.

The sew height means just that, you might want shorter row heights so you can sew on a smaller throat longarm, or taller row heights for a 26" or 30" throat.

Be sure to choose the right one, so you don't have to email me for a substitution.

I have included an instruction pdf, which explains how the segmented pattern has irrelevant jumpstitches to make it download as one pattern.  Split apart the jumpstitches and combine your segments to design patterns instead, and get your sequencing in order before you try to go stitching.  This may not be easy if its your first rodeo, but you can get it to work with experience, or with the proper software for designing, depends on your system and accessory software. 

Email me for help once you have exhausted all your resources, but I cannot put your designs into the template.  If all else fails, stitch the outline and add your patterns later.

BE SURE you have also downloaded my pictorial Jacket Tutorial, which is no charge to "purchase" from this website.  Just add it to your cart and pay $0.

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