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When it is craft-show season

Quilted tote bags

Laura’s best-selling craft items include:

Book Covers  for composition books.  Each stitched cover comes with a book inserted, simply remove and replace when desired.

 Here is an inside view of the vinyl -covered composition books. This book is softer than the college composition books, but has no printing inside the covers. These are covered with wallpapers of my own design.

Here is an inside view of the "standard" card-covered composition books, this is firmer, and what is inserted into the quilted-paper bookcovers, for books I sell at shows.

The Wallpaper-covered books are vinyl composition books, and covered with a plastic stick-on wallpaper. I design these wallpapers using my fabric designs, which now number over 600 patterns. A random assortment will be available at any show I exhibit my products at.

Small wallpaper-covered notebookLarge wall-paper covered notebook

The quilted bookcovers
are made of polyester thread quilted onto Kraftex paper, a product from Germany made with a synthetic silicone as part of the otherwise normal paper. it is extremely durable, with a thickness and a "hand" which resembles leather, especially the more you handle it.  It is washable!, so feel free to sponge off the covers, or remove the book inserts and soak in a sink to clean. Be sure to allow the covers to thoroughly dry before returning the book inside.   

I choose thread colors which show well on the cover color. NO copyright information is on the products, it is only on these photos.


5" x 3.5" composition books are "cardboard", inserted my quilted covers. Rhinoceros                                         Polar Bear Swims



Smaller covered notebooks These little composition books are not made with sewn signatures, but are durable enough. I quilt them in four color choices: dove grey, black, white, "natural" which is paper-bag brown. Some patterns are small and have full images front and back, some images really are BIG subjects, so I span the image across the front-back. 

Large covered composition books These books are 8" x 10.5" (plus half inch depth).They have sewn signatures.  Here are some examples of the covers I quilt for them.  Any of my designs on this website can be composed for a notebook cover, so these are just suggestions.  Some images are awesome just fit-to-page, others I prefer to build a landscape background for.  Same four colors.


hound and hare chase                         birdfeeder             bird pair (orioles)


 Iris Pool, front and back repeated        Two Egrets Flying

Front and back of large Guinea fowl bookcover.


Damselfly and Oriole Pair                    Gulls in Sunrays, Pelican in sunrays.


Grissley with Salmon                         Frogs in Pond w waterplants


Baseball Batter book front                  Baseball Pitcher book back