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About Laura Lee Fritz Patterns


Want to reach me? is the email that tells me you are on my website and I want to answer this right away.

Laura has been longarm quilting for her community since 1989.  That is when she began designing her own patterns to quilt.  In those days the machines did not even have needle positioning, let along stitch regulating and computer options.  Ken Gammill drove out to Napa California to deliver it himself from West Plains Missouri.

 Back in the olden days, she hand-appliqued, hand quilted and hand embroidered wearable art she custom made for visitors, since 1969, to consignment shops, and to her own shop in Point Reyes Station, by 1976.  Everywhere she has lived since then, she has had a quilting shop, open in service to the public.  Presently she and husband Ron Paul, the traveling longarm service technician, live in the middle of vineyard acreage in Sonoma California, about an hour north of San Francisco.

 Laura has always had a love affair with nature and the things that people DO.  Her patterns represent that love of life, and have been sold in C&T Publications books over the years.  In fact her first with C&T was in 2000, 250 Continuous-line designs for hand, machine, and longarm quilting.  That book was the first commercially published book of continuous-line quilting designs in the world, and took the world by storm.  Shortly after that came 250 MORE Continuous-line designs, Mindful Meandering, Creative Classics, and then 250 NEW Continuous-line designs. 

In those books she teaches how to trace the patterns to Solvy/Dissolve and pin that to the quilt, stitch over the lines, then peel it or wash it away.

Now there is another wonderful product for hand or machine quilters to use, Sticky Fabric-Solvy, also sold as VilenePlus.  This also washes away, but does not pick away from the stitches.  Why is it great?  because you can print on it from your computer printer.

That is why the patterns you can buy on this website include page size .pdf files.   When you buy a digital pattern from this site, you also get the ten different quilting stitch file formats, which you can save for when you "graduate" to that method of quilting, but meanwhile, you own the .pdf to print out and then reduce or enlarge on your computer printer to resize your pattern to print onto Sticky Fabri-Solvy, or trace onto Solvy/Dissolve.

Laura grew up in a normal family in Berkeley California, lived in Brooklyn NY, Manhattan NY, San Francisco CA, Santa Rosa CA, Palmer AK, Houndhollr alpaca farm in Middletown CA, Napa CA, Inverness CA, Lolo MT, Florence MT, and probably a few other places too.  In each of these communities people thought and lived differently, but you all wanted your quilts to MEAN something to the people you give them to.

Laura's patterns help YOU add value and meaning to the quilts you produce for your family and your clientele.

Enjoy, this is but the tip of the iceburg of the designs yet to come.  Use these patterns generously, as any times as you like, but you are buying a license to use them, not to sell or give them away as designs or patterns, and please, not to mass produce to resell your products at craft and art venues, I'm likely to be there doing the same thing with the same designs.

Please feel free to contact me, I am easy to talk to and glad to know who I serve.

My email addresses are:  This email address gets only IntelliQuilter quilting email.  Focused.  Use it for quilting pattern questions or comments, or requests for custom designs.

I also get email at, if you already have that email address, it is still good, but so diluted by advertising emails and spam, you might not want that competition for my attention.

You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and later there will be other social media locations.  Plus, for now, my blog is at, and includes a huge gallery of my designs already made into quilts and wearable, a couple of my videos, learn some new quilting tricks in my blog.

If you visit you can see the website Ron and I maintain relating to his longarm service trips and  videos and articles about how to maintain your machine on your own.

Thanks for visiting, please return often.