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Ron Paul is the most experienced and qualified longarm machine service technician you could wish for, providing maintenance and repair for every brand of commercial longarm quilting machine.

After 10 years as a Gammill/Statler dealer, Ron turned his attention to you and your machine. He travels the western US servicing in your machine's location.

As he works, he lets you watch and learn, intending that your knowledge will be valuable when something simple needs adjusting between service calls.

An average longarm, getting fulltime use, should be serviced every two years. If your workload has you pushing that machine to work more than fulltime, it is possible that you would prefer annual service. Some parts just wear out with use, but when replaced in a timely manner, your machine can easily have a working lifetime of 40 years or more.

To. Contact Ron:


text or call: 406-320-4369 (pacific time)