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New Bird feature patterns for the future

Laura F

Orioles in the Cattails handbag

Here is one of a series of bird patterns I have drawn and recorded.  As you see I am already starting to put this pattern to work for me.  You are looking at a hemp canvas bag, multicolor PolyQuilter on the plain fabric, the back and wraparound sides are the same canvas, ice-dyed with, let me remember what I used...kilt green.

The ice-dyeing releases the different color powders of a dye recipe at differing rates, depending on 1. proximity to the meltwater and 2. density of the dye powder particle.  Some particles are dense, some fluffy.  Then the dissolved dye trickles through the folded layers of pre-soda-soaked fabric, in rivulets, to create amazing unique patterns.

Now that summer approaches, I am eager to set up ice-dyeing classes.  Where shall I travel to teach this?

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