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Laura F

I built this website to sell the quilting designs I draw, and quilt for my clientele and myself.

I've been longarm quilting since 1989, basically right smack at the beginning of custom longarm quilting in California.  

I have watched this industry grow around me, and I am very impressed with my vast competition.  You all rock, designers, keep at it.

I'm hoping the patterns I present and continue to add, will help you add more value and meaning to the quilting work you do.

Welcome to my website.

Enjoy shopping, enjoy the how-to articles in this blog which will show you new and clever ways to quilt my patterns.  I hope that you will be brazen enough to complain to me if anything isn't functioning satisfactorily in the shopping cart and checkout sections, if they don't work well I'm not in business, so I need you to let me know if they fail to work for you.

By all means, sign up for my newsletter, it won't come often, but will be a benefit when it comes.

I recommend that you create an account, that lets you peruse your history of patterns which you already own from purchasing on this site, so you don't buy the same thing twice  ...nice, eh?



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